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A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Over time, teeth can become discoloured and dingy. Teeth whitening is a quick, easy way to restore the natural brightness to your smile!

What's involved in cosmetic teeth whitening?

First, Dr. Vaida will determine whether you are a candidate for cosmetic teeth whitening, and what bleaching system would provide the best results.

At your first appointment, we will make impressions of your teeth to fabricate a mouthguard appliance for you.

The mouthguard is custom made for your mouth and it is lightweight, and can be worn while you are awake or sleeping. The mouthguard is so thin you will even be able to talk and work while wearing it.

At the second appointment you will be given your mouthguard, and your dental teeth bleaching materials. You will receive detailed instructions on how to apply the gel and, and how long you need to use it each day.

Most bleaching systems require 10-14 days to achieve the desired result.

How does cosmetic teeth whitening work?

The active ingredient in most of our whitening agents is carbamide peroxide (CH4N202). When water contacts this white crystal, the hydrogen peroxide lightens the teeth.

Is teeth bleaching safe? Are there any side effects?

Several studies during the past five years have proven bleaching to be safe and effective. Some patients may experience slight gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, which will resolve itself when the treatment ends.

What are realistic expectations?

Dental teeth bleaching can only provide a change in colour from gray to a lighter shade of gray, for example.

Bleaching does not change the colour of such materials as resins, silicats or porcelains.

We always recommend that our patients who are having major restorative work done (such as implants, crowns, veneers, bridges) do a course of bleaching prior to having the work done.

If the restorative work is matched to the yellow or grey teeth, there is no way to change the colour.

Teeth Whitening, Surrey Dentist

How long does it last?

Results typically last from one to five years. The longevity of your whiteness depends in part on your personal habits, such the frequency with which you drink coffee and tea.

With our cosmetic teeth bleaching kits, you will generally have at least one vial of bleaching gel left over from your initial course of bleaching which you can use to "touch up" your smile.

If you are a heavy tea or coffee drinker, you may have to do touch-ups every six months.

You can continue to use your custom mouthguard and buy vials of bleaching gel separately as required.

Re-treatment is much shorter than the original treatment, often only taking 2-3 applications to restore the desired level of whiteness.

Is cosmetic teeth bleaching for you?

Generally, bleaching is successful in at least 90 percent of patients, though it may not be an option for everyone.

Consider cosmetic teeth whitening if your teeth are darkened from age, coffee/tea drinking, or smoking.

In general, yellow, brown, or orange discolourations respond better to bleaching than "grey" stains caused by fluorosis, smoking or tetracycline.

If you have very sensitive teeth, periodontal disease, or teeth with thin enamel, we may discourage bleaching and recommend porcelain veneers.

We believe the best and most effective way to whiten teeth is to have it done it professionally. Contact ProActive Dental Studio today and get on the path to your whiter, brighter smile!

Contact ProActive Dental Studio today, and get on the path to a brighter, healthier smile!

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