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Dental Technology at Proactive Dental Studio

At ProActive Dental Studio in Surrey, we use the latest dental technology to help make your dental treatment go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Digital X-Rays

 Digital X-Rays use a digital format to store data, which can be pulled up easily at the chair during your dental appointment.

Digital x-rays are used to give an extremely accurate picture of your whole mouth. » Learn More

Dental Technology, Surrey Dentist

Intra Oral Cameras

Intra oral camera are high-resolution cameras that fit comfortably inside the mouth. These tiny cameras allow dentists to obtain accurate and detailed images of the inside of their patients' mouths. » Learn More

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are used in a number of dental treatments, such as gum reshaping, cavity removal, teeth whitening, and to harden the bonding materials used in fillings. They are also used to remove bacteria from periodontal pockets. » Learn More

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