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Meet Dr. Vaida

Dr. Daniel Vaida has worked as a dentist for over 40 years, bringing his exhaustive technical expertise and compassionate chair-side manner to bear in his work at ProActive Dental Studio in Surrey.

Surrey Family Dentist, Dr. Vaida

Dr. Vaida
General Dentist

DDS, University of Toronto


Canadian Clear Orthodontics Academy Member

In 2021, Dr. Vaida celebrated more than three decades of involvement in the field of dentistry.

Whereas it takes most of us a long time and many trials to finally acquiesce our calling, there are a few lucky ones that know from the first moment. Dr. Vaida numbers among the latter.

Intrigued by the skill-set necessary, and the many technical challenges it offered, Dr. Vaida first began his foray into the field of dentistry by becoming a dental technician.

While that provided seven years of substantial experience and growth, Dr. Vaida felt that he could better serve the community in a slightly different role in which he could contribute his compassionate nature and well-developed people skills.

Considering his previous experience, becoming a dentist seemed the logical choice.

A dental degree later, followed by years of various post-graduate specializing courses, Dr. Vaida currently employs his patented blend of exhaustive technical expertise and warm, compassionate, chairside manner to the benefit of his patients at ProActive Dental Studio.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Dr. Vaida has continued to improve his array of dentist credentials and clinical skills in such diverse areas of dental expertise such as aesthetic dentistry, implantology, endodontics and orthodontics.

He is fully proficient in a variety of procedures, ranging from extremely delicate cosmetic procedures, such as aesthetic veneers, all the way to single-session full porcelain crowns. His comforting and reassuring conduct has quickly become common knowledge amongst the ProActive Dental Studio patients and their friends and families as well.

Dr. Vaida welcomes you to ProActive Dental Studio and hopes to serve your dental and health interests for many years to come! Part of a client's search to find a good dentist is about trusting the dentist's credentials and abilities; you can trust Dr. Vaida to do the best possible job for you.

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