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Are my teeth healthy enough for teeth whitening?

Are my teeth healthy enough for teeth whitening?

As we age, our teeth will begin to show the signs of the life we lived. The colour may change and they may lose their sheen. Here, our Surrey dentists talk about how professional teeth whitening can help brighten your smile and whether your teeth are healthy enough for this treatment.

The wear and tear of life shows not only on our skin but in our smiles as well. This may lead you to consider treatments to help brighten and lighten your smile, restoring its youthful glow. Here are a few things you should consider when it comes to professional teeth whitening.

Who may benefit from professional teeth whitening?

Before recommending or beginning a teeth whitening treatment plan, your dentist will need to perform a complete examination. This examination will allow your dentist to look for any signs of thinning weakened enamel, or tooth decay which can cause complications during teeth whitening. In the event that your dentist spots any issues that may result in teeth whitening not being recommended for you, they will offer other cosmetic treatments to help restore the appearance of your smile.

If your dentist has no concerns about your oral health and if you do not have fillings or damage, then they may be able to recommend teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

How does the teeth whitening process work?

When performing teeth whitening, your dentist will coat the face of the tooth with a bleaching agent. They will apply this substance with great care to avoid the gums. While teeth whitening is relatively safe, the solution may cause irritation if it comes into contact with the soft tissues. The irritation should clear up fairly quickly once the solution has been cleared from the area. You may experience some sensitivity during your treatment. Once the solution has been removed then the sensitivity should subside. As for which results you might realistically expect, dental teeth bleaching can only offer a change in colour from gray to a lighter shade of gray, for example. 

You should keep in mind that each person's treatment outcome will be different. If you have any dental restorations such as crowns, they will not respond to whitening; they will remain the same colour as before. 

Along with your take-home teeth whitening kit, we will provide one extra vial of whitening gel, which can be used for your first touch-up. Once you have your custom-fit whitening trays, you will be able to purchase the whitening solution for continued touchups as recommended.

Keeping Your Teeth Strong & Healthy

You should visit our dental clinic in Surrey twice yearly for a full checkup and examination. Daily brushing and flossing will also go a long way in keeping your teeth bright and healthy. If you keep up with routine at-home care and professional exams and cleanings along with being given the go-ahead from your dentist, your teeth should be healthy enough to whiten safely.

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