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What does dental sedation feel like?

What does dental sedation feel like?

If going to the dentist makes you uneasy or anxious you might consider a dental sedation option. Today, our Surrey dentists discuss some of the common feelings experienced during dental sedation. 

What type of sedation do you use?

At Proactive Dental Studio we use a method of sedation called oral sedation. Oral sedation medication is a prescription medication that is easily administered in the form of liquid or pills. Oral sedatives can be taken the night before to help you sleep, and taken one hour before your appointment to reduce anxiety leading up to and during any treatment.

Long-lasting enough to allow your dentist to complete most dental procedures, oral conscious sedation is safe for most healthy patients. To avoid any drug interactions, your dentist will take a full medical history prior to your procedure. 

How does it feel to be under oral sedation? 

You can expect a deep sense of relaxation and relief from oral sedation. You’ll most likely feel drowsy and may have difficulty speaking but overall will still be able to communicate with your dentist.

Sedation dulls reflexes and coordination as well. Some patients experience feeling heavy and report that time passes faster under oral sedation. You may fall asleep but can easily be woken by a gentle shake. 

A fuzzy memory or memory loss from the procedure is common. Typically, patients who have oral sedation remember little about what transpired during the procedure. Many patients say they feel like they have had a conscious dream after taking oral sedation. 

Our team will monitor your vital signs during your treatment to ensure your safety at all times.

Can I drive myself home after having dental sedation? 

The effects of oral sedation can take hours to leave your system. For your safety, we recommend that you have someone available to drive you to and from your dental appointment. 

Do not let dental fear or anxiety keep you from getting the dental treatment you need. Our dentists can assess whether dental sedation is an option for you.

Would you like to learn more about the oral sedation option at Proactive Dental Studio? Please contact our Surrey dental office. We are always happy to answer our patient's questions. 

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