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Tips for Sticking with Your Invisalign Treatment

Tips for Sticking with Your Invisalign Treatment

Now that you've started your Invisalign treatment, you're on your way to a straighter smile. Congratulations! Time to get to work and get used to a new routine. While this may be challenging at first, it is doable, especially with these helpful tips from our Surrey dentists to help you stick with Invisalign treatment. 

How can I make my Invisalign treatment go more smoothly?

The first few weeks of Invisalign treatment may feel daunting — you'll need to remember a few things about your orthodontic treatment plan while you adapt to wearing your aligners. 

That said, with commitment, practice and patience, you might find giving yourself some time to get used to your new routine will help. today, our Surrey dentists offer some advice to help you stick with your Invisalign treatment and make it go more smoothly, so you get the most value out of your investment. 

Commit to Wearing Your Invisalign Aligners Full-time 

Just like building other good habits, remember to be patient with yourself as you adjust to this one and get used to the new shifts in your daily routine. Keeping your commitment to treatment and your goal for a straighter smile will help you set a great foundation for success. 

To enjoy your planned progress and anticipated results when your treatment is finished, you'll need to wear your aligners most of the time — 22 hours each day — for them to work. They should only be removed so you can eat, drink and brush your teeth. Following your treatment plan diligently will help you feel more comfortable as you progress through treatment and switch to your new aligners every two weeks or so. 

Set a Timer

If you tend to forget about tasks when you get distracted or are deep in concentration, use the timer on your phone to help you remember to put your aligners back in. It's imperative to wear your aligners for 22 hours every day. Forgetting to put them back in after brushing or eating can delay your progress on your treatment towards straighter teeth. 

While this might be the toughest part of treatment for the first while, setting a timer to help you remember until the habit is entrenched can be an excellent way to keep yourself on track. 

Clean Your Aligners While You Eat

Since you'll be unable to wear your aligners while eating, make the best use of this time by soaking your trays in a cleaning solution while you enjoy your meal. 

Put your aligners into the special Invisalign cleaning solution, diluted mouthwash or denture cleaner (ensure none of these are coloured since coloured solutions will stain your aligners) for about 5 minutes before taking them out of the solution. Do this twice a week to help keep your aligners clean and fresh. 

Learn to Talk With Your Aligners In

When you first begin your treatment with your Invisalign aligners, you'll likely notice that you speak with a lisp. This is normal as your mouth adapts to having your aligners in. Your speech will gradually return to normal once you've adapted. In the meantime, keep practicing speaking — talk to yourself, read aloud, sing along to a few favourite songs or call a friend to chat.

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