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Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Dealing with Dental Anxiety

Many people feel fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist. Our dentists offer advice and tips to help you manage these feelings.

Most people experience some degree of unease when they visit the dentist, whether it has to do with a fear of needles, discomfort with perceived physical invasiveness and loss of control, concerns about pain, previous negative experiences, or even embarrassment over poor dental health.

Our dentists help our patients cope with varying degrees and types of dental anxiety on a regular basis, and over the years they’ve discovered some steps and techniques that can quell these fears significantly.

Face Your Fears

During a time when a visit to the dentist is not imminent, confront your feelings and fears, and actively consider them. You may find it helps to write them down in a list. This can help you look at them more objectively, and it will help you explain your feelings and concerns to your dentist, too.

In turn, this will help your dentist better address and alleviate your fears during your appointment.

Communicate Your Fears to Your Dentist

Don’t worry, we won’t be offended! Your feelings are perfectly understandable and normal!

At ProActive Dental Studio, we feel that good communication is the foundation of a successful patient-dentist relationship. Tell your dentist how you’re feeling at the beginning of your appointment, and she will be better able to gauge your needs and develop a treatment plan that suits them.

Together, you and your dentist can agree on cues and signals that you can use during treatment if you need a break or become uncomfortable.

Try Relaxation Techniques

Simple relaxation techniques can help you feel calmer leading up to and during a dental appointment. Try things like yoga and controlled breathing to help relax your muscles and slow your heartbeat.

Use Distractions

Distraction techniques and tools can help you keep your mind off of what’s going on during your dental procedure. You could listen to some music, play with a stress ball, count to yourself or come up with number patterns in your head.

Ask About Dental Sedation

If your anxiety is severe and the above means don't help you, ask our Surrey dentists about our dental sedation options. We offer several alternatives that can help you relax before and during your appointment with us.

Choose the Right Dentist for You

Our Surrey dentists take a special interest in helping patients cope with their dental anxiety. They have spent a lot of time and energy considering how best to help, and take an active approach to address a wide range of fears on an almost daily basis.

We consider it our mission to help you feel comfortable and at ease with your dental treatment. After all, patients who feel good about their treatment will be more likely to get it, to the benefit of their oral health!

To talk to our Surrey dentists about your dental anxieties or to discuss your sedation options, contact our office today!

Contact ProActive Dental Studio today, and get on the path to a brighter, healthier smile!

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