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You will find good dentists at our clinic; Dr. Vaida and Dr. Popatia, of Proactive Dental Studio has excellent dentist credentials, experience and support staff. The office is located in Surrey BC and provides Surrey and the surrounding area dentistry services. When you come to Proactive Dental Studio for any procedure, basic or major, you can be assured that our dentists have the experience and skills to do the job right!

Dr VaidaDr. Vaida and Dr. Popatia

In 2011, Dr. Vaida celebrated more than three decades of involvement in the field of dentistry...

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About ProActive Dental Studio: Surrey Dental Office

About ProActive DentalAre you reluctant to go to your community dental clinic? At Proactive Dental Studio in Surrey BC, we have designed our office for our clients' comfort. We use advanced dental office equipment and technologies in our office; and we have designed the dental clinic for comfort and effective dental office management. The benefit to you is in the comfortable and healthy environment for your visit.

From our many years of practicing dentistry, we have come to accept that many people are apprehensive about coming to the dentist.

With this in mind, we have designed our surrey dental office to help you relax and even enjoy the experience of coming to the dentist!

The moment you walk into Proactive Dental Studio you will feel a sense of calm. An inviting fireplace, soft music, and comfortable seating allow you to catch your breath in the midst of a hectic day. Enjoy your time with us and let us work together to improve your family's dental health. 

Sit back and enjoy reading the daily newspaper or leaf through your favourite current magazines while our expert dental team prepares to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible.

When it is time for your appointment, you will be escorted into an exam room where our dental assistants will make sure you are comfortable.

They will offer you a warm, cozy blanket; as well as your choice of entertainment while the procedure is being done.

That wasn't so bad now, was it? We work hard to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Book your dentist appointment now or call us at (604) 583-4242. Conveniently located in Surrey BC, Proactive Dental Studio provides services to dental clients in the Surrey, North Delta, and Langley areas.


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