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Advanced Dental Technology; Vancouver Dentistry

About ProActive Dental

Other technologies

Vancouver dentistry requires advanced dentistry equipment and skills. At Proactive Dental Studio in Surrey BC, we offer services such as dental cosmetics, sensitive tooth whitening, Vancouver smile makeover, porcelain veneers, and more. Other dental procedures include dental implants, Invisalign, Cerec restorations, dental hygiene services, and fillings, root canals, and bridges. We provide services to the Greater Vancouver BC region.

Air Abrasion (drill-less dentistry)

Air Abrasion is a new technology that uses high pressure air and abrasive powder to remove decay in teeth without the need for freezing.


We use the latest Statim (steam) technology to ensure that all instruments are completely sterile. We regularly test our dentistry equipment to make sure that the highest level of operation is maintained.

Digital Photography

We have both intra-oral and extra-oral digital cameras that document before/after cosmetic procedures. Dr. Vaida also uses the intra-oral camera for educational purposes.

Digital X-rays

Many people are concerned about the radiation they get from traditional x-rays. Although the radiation is minimal (equivalent to being exposed to the sun for about 20 minutes), digital x-rays have 90% less radiation, and provide instantaneous, accurate pictures for the dentist.

A Vancouver Smile Makeover and Design

We use the latest proven technology to treat the "problem areas" of your smile. From professional teeth whitening systems (including sensitive tooth whitening) to porcelain veneers and bonding, to orthodontic appliances, we can give you the smile you've always wanted.

Let us use our imaging system to show you how your smile could look with these different options! Our intra-oral fibre optic cameras allow you to visualize what we see.

Proactive Dental Studio offers advanced Vancouver dentistry; book a dentist appointment today.


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