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Dental Inlays

About ProActive DentalWhat are Dental Inlays?
Dental inlays (also known as dental onlay) are a natural-looking dental filling. Proactive Dental Studio in Surrey BC does tooth enamel repair work along with fillings, inlays and other dental procedures.
Esthetic inlays are natural looking fillings. They are most often done to replace large, amalgam (silver) fillings.

Are Inlays durable?
Esthetic inlays can be made from either composite or porcelain and are now strong enough to be placed in the back teeth.

What are the advantages of Inlays?
Esthetic inlays offer you all the benefits of a filling, while maintaining the natural beauty of your smile. Replacing old silver fillings with esthetic inlays can help you regain that natural beauty for years to come.

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